The Process

We offer an initial consultation to establish your design brief. In the first instance this can take place over the phone free of charge, we will discuss your ideas and gather some basic information.


Following the telephone call, we will research the planning history of your property and use an internet mapping site to have a look at your property and the surrounding area. Once we have completed our research, we will let you know whether an on-site consultation will be required. This also serves to assist in the preparation of a fee proposal for providing architectural services. Our on-site consultations are chargeable depending on your location however, the cost of our consultation is deducted from our first invoice should you wish to accept our fee proposal.

Upon acceptance of our fee proposal, arrangements will be made to undertake a survey of your property or building at a time that is convenient to you.

Next, sketch proposals based on your design brief are prepared and issued to you for approval.

Planning Permission

Formal planning consent is not always required. Depending on the type and size of your proposal there are a number of different ways to receive approval. We will usually determine during your initial consultation which application is most suitable for your project.

In some cases, we may advise contacting the Local Authority Planning Department to obtain

pre- application advice before you proceed with formal planning consent. This will give you an idea whether your proposals are likely to be supported and is useful with larger and more complex projects.

We will act as agent on whichever application is best suited to your project and if necessary, liaise with the relevant Planning Authority whilst your application is being determined. Planning applications are usually determined within eight weeks. All applications require a fee to be paid to the Local Authority at the time of submission (fees vary depending on the type of application submitted). Once your proposal has been approved, the approval notice will be sent to you.

Building Regulation

Following on from the planning process, construction information is added to your drawings.

Once complete, the drawings are submitted as part of a Full Plans application to the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) or an Approved Building Inspector. Again, acting as your agent we will deal with any application queries (if necessary, the drawings will be amended).

Building regulation applications are generally determined within five-to-six weeks. A fee is payable to whichever Building Control body you wish to use, the fee is based on the type and size of your project.

Once the approval is received your building work can commence.

Starting the Work

The completed drawings will enable you to obtain an accurate quote for the work.

It is recommended that a formal contract for the works is entered into with the Builder / Building Contractor however, this is not mandatory.

To assist our clients, we have a select number of Builders that we are happy to recommend should you need some help at this stage.